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Consulting Services – Small Business



You have a business –

Everyone around you is telling you that you need to do Social Media Marketing, a Website, SEO, focus on new clients, focus on repeat clients, do what X, Y, and Z are doing…

It’s exhausting and confusing and just thinking about it doesn’t help and actually takes you away from doing what you actually do!

Big businesses have marketing departments to handle all this stuff – small businesses do not.

The solution is simple:

Let me look at your business, your budget and your resources (time availability, people etc.) and let me come up with a plan that works for you. If you have time to do things yourself then I will show you what to do, if you haven’t got time then I will show you how to get it done.

If you have no budget then my plan for you will be based on that!

You can even hire me to do it or manage getting it done for you!


How To Sign-up:

Email me at to set-up an initial 15 minute phone consultation.

-Together we will review your digital brand and explore options to accomplish your goals.

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